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Motorcycle safety during the warmer months

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Very few motorcyclists can resist the urge to ride out on the roads in Colorado when the weather is warm. Many of them are so excited to bring their bikes out of storage that they fail to take into consideration the dangers they face on the streets. Some of them forget that the warm weather also appeals to more people, making the roads more congested than usual. 

More bikers should become aware of how dangerous the roads are for them. Each year, thousands of motorcyclists are injured, and hundreds of them die in motor vehicle wrecks. Many of those accidents involve multiple vehicles. Motorcyclists should become more educated on the hazards and how to share the road with other motorists so they can take measures to avoid accidents and injuries and to improve their overall safety.

Sources of hazards

Common issues that lead to motorcycle injuries and fatalities include driving while intoxicated, riding in other drivers’ blind spots and not using turn signals. Also, many bikers do not wear appropriate riding gear or helmets to protect their bodies and heads. Furthermore, motorcyclists who do not follow traffic laws are more likely to collide with other vehicles and fall off their bikes.

Bikers are not the only group of vehicle operators who tend to take more risks when it is warm out. Another reason car accidents occur more often during the warmer months is that more drivers participate in risky driving behaviors. 

Safety tips

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Bikers should exercise caution before and during each ride by doing the following:

  • Perform pre-trip inspections of their bikes to ensure they are in good mechanical condition for the roads
  • Remember that other motorists often cannot see them
  • Avoid making sudden maneuvers that can make other drivers uneasy and cause them to make driving mistakes that endanger everyone
  • Watch other motorists for signs of reckless and intoxicated behavior to avoid riding near them whenever possible

By riding safely and taking preventive measure, motorcyclists can reduce their risk of accident and injury.

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