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Damages may be recoverable after hit and run accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2017 | Hit And Run Accidents

Whenever a driver is involved in an accident in Colorado or another state, he or she must stop and render aid. Leaving an accident scene can have serious consequences — especially if it involved injuries. Victims of hit and run accidents are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to recovery of damages.

Police in Thornton recently launched a search for a driver who failed to stop at an accident involving a pedestrian. After receiving calls about an accident at approximately 8 p.m. on a Saturday in May, officers responded to the scene. On the roadway, they found a critically injured man whom they rushed to a medical facility.

Witnesses provided information, including the fact that the driver seemed intent on hitting the pedestrian. They located the vehicle soon, and police have issued an arrest warrant for the suspected driver. The person that allegedly caused the serious injuries of the pedestrian is a 22-year-old man. The identity of the victim was not made available. There was also no indication why the driver would want to harm the pedestrian.

Victims of hit and run accidents may wrongly be under the impression that they cannot pursue recovery of damages until the driver is identified. With the support and guidance of an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney, the problem of a missing driver may be overcome. In some cases, the victim’s own insurance may cover hit and run accidents in the same way as uninsured motorist/underinsured motorists are treated, and a lawyer’s negotiating skills may prove to be an asset. However, if the driver is located, the attorney can navigate a lawsuit in a civil court.

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