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Motorcycle accidents: 3 common injuries that can be costly

On Behalf of | May 8, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Bikers nationwide, including in Colorado, are exceptionally vulnerable when they are out riding, and injuries can have devastating consequences. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in severe injuries or death. Because motorcycles have only two wheels, they fall over in a crash — often crushing a biker’s leg. The Centre for Neuro Skills says bone fractures are the most common motorcycle injuries — including leg, pelvis and shoulder bones, along with wrists and arms as they instinctively try to break the biker’s fall.

Another common injury suffered by bikers is road rash, which is caused when riders inevitably make contact with the road surface. These injuries are classified in three degrees of severity. Mild abrasions that cause a redness of the skin are first-degree injuries. Broken skin without damage to underlying layers is a second degree injury. Road rash of the third degree removes the outer layers of the skin and leaves the fat and tissue layers underneath exposed.

Many bikers fight against laws to wear crash helmets without realizing that most of the deaths and disabilities caused by motorcycle accidents involve head injuries. In Colorado, helmets are optional for bikers over the age of 18, and younger riders must wear DOT-approved helmets. Although helmets do not eliminate head injuries, the U.S. Department of Transportation says it lowers the likelihood of them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says operators of motorcycles need to be more skillful than drivers of other vehicles need to be. However, the negligence of vehicle operators who fail to keep a lookout account for many motorcycle accidents. Victims of such accidents can pursue recovery of damages by filing personal injury claims in a Colorado civil court. Families who have lost loved ones can take similar action by filing wrongful death claims.

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