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Interstate intersections most dangerous in Denver

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Auto Accidents

Accidents can occur anywhere, but according to the Denver Police Department, the intersections with the most accidents in the first two months of 2017 are not surface streets but on the major highways that go through the city. Westword reports on the data compiled by the DPD, revealing the worst places for accidents. You do need to drive carefully all the time, but you should be extra aware in places where many accidents occur.  

Here are the top 10 problem areas in the Denver area with the number of accidents from January 1 through March 5: 

  • I-25 at 6th Ave., 60  
  • I-70 at I-25, 35
  • I-25 at 20th St., 30
  • I-70 at Northfield/Quebec, 30
  • I-70 at Havana St., 29
  • I-25 at Santa Fe Dr., 28
  • I-70 at Peoria St., 26
  • I-25 at Alameda Ave., 26
  • I-25 at 23rd Ave., 22
  • I-25 at Yale Ave., 20 

Now that summer is here, the roads will be busier than ever. If you find yourself at one of those 10 intersections, in heavy traffic or in a construction zone, you need to remember to watch your speed. Slow down and get to your destination safely instead of worrying about being late. Maintain a safe following distance, especially around motorcycles and larger trucks. Avoid distractions. Do not take calls or have a serious discussion when driving. Ask your children to remain quiet while you are in heavy traffic. Stay alert and give the road your undivided attention. Drive defensively instead of aggressively. 

Unfortunately, even if you take all precautions, you do not control other drivers. If you are in an auto accident with serious injuries, you may want to discuss your situation with an attorney who can help you assess your case before signing a settlement with the insurance company. You may face long-term health consequences which you will need to provide for somehow. You need to focus on healing, not dealing with the stress of handling the legal aspects of the claim. Have an advocate on your side to help you get the best outcome for your situation.