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Drug charges filed against alleged drug kingpin in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Drug Charges

After a 12-month investigation by the Denver Strike Force, law enforcement recently raided a Colorado grocery store in Aurora. Several people were taken into custody, and they are now facing drug charges. Authorities say those arrested were allegedly part of a massive smuggling scheme in which methamphetamine and cocaine are brought into Colorado from another country.

Reportedly, the drugs were hidden in secret compartments of the vehicles that were used to bring them into Colorado. Investigators determined that the drugs were brought to the grocery store from three different stash houses in Aurora. Parceling and distribution were apparently then done at the store. Investigators claim that the business also serves as a money transfer station by which way the proceeds were then sent back to the country of origin.

A 58-year-old Aurora resident is thought to be the kingpin of the organization. The charges that were filed against him include the operation of a continuing criminal enterprise. Investigators described the accused individual’s home as a fortress with security gates and cameras to deter unwelcome visitors. Authorities claim the drugs were buried in containers and dug up when required. Police allege the man made cash deposits of $3 million over a period of three years.

When a person in Colorado faces drug charges, the consequences can be severe. One authority said Colorado has the most sophisticated investigation and prosecution systems, and poisoning the citizens will not be tolerated. For this reason, the most logical step for any accused individual will likely be to secure the services of an experienced attorney to provide advocacy and a strong defense against the charges.

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