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Common types of dog bite injuries children are at risk for

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Injuries

If you have small children and live in a neighborhood in Colorado that has lots of dogs, you may be worried about the kind of injuries your kids could sustain if a canine ever attacks. Many children love to play with dogs but are not aware of the dangers they face. The majority of dog bite attack injuries occur to children’s heads and necks because of their small size, leading to worse situations than you might expect.

Dog bite attacks can change you and your children’s lives in ways you have yet to imagine. In addition to the physical suffering, there are also emotional effects to consider. Take some time to learn about the common types of dog bite injuries that can occur in an attack so you take measures to protect your children from them. 


When a dog bites a victim, its teeth can puncture and tear skin. These lacerations can range in severity depending on the amount of tugging and pulling that the dog does. Tear injuries can result in major blood loss and cause a child to lose consciousness, increasing the risk of further injury. 


Dog bites may introduce foreign substances into the victim’s body that can cause infections. These can also occur if the attacking dog has rabies or some other type of infection that is passable to humans or as the child’s body tries to heal. 

Nerve damage 

The amount of force that a dog uses to bite a child can cause temporary or permanent nerve damage. Muscle tendons and ligaments may become strained and damaged in ways that prevent the victim from moving body parts normally. Recovery is often a long and slow process. In serious cases of extreme damage to the nerves, the result is often paralysis or abnormal nerve function and sensations. 

Many children cannot tell the difference between a friendly dog and an aggressive one until it is too late. Teach your children how to recognize the signs of aggression in dogs and to stay away from pets they do not know to prevent attacks. If your child is the victim of a dog attack, get her medical attention immediately, regardless of how minor her injuries may seem. You should also consider speaking with an attorney about the situation to learn your options.