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Criminal law: Fighting charges requires strong defense strategy

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | Criminal Law

Jail time may be a real possibility for anybody who faces criminal charges in Colorado. Those who run afoul of criminal law may lose their jobs, drivers licenses, rights to own firearms and/or even visitation or child custody rights. A 35-year-old Colorado Springs man will likely explore his defense options after his recent arrest.

According to police, the assistance of members of the community made it possible to arrest the 35-year-old man who is suspected of committing multiple crimes that involved many victims. Reportedly, Colorado Springs residents spotted the man breaking into a vehicle and called the police. A restaurant employee approached him and then followed the man and kept an eye on him until police arrived and arrested him about a block away.

A police report indicates that stolen property was found in the defendant’s possession at the time he was taken into custody. The charges that were filed against the man include criminal possession of a financial transaction device along with a fraudulent identification document. He was also accused of criminal impersonation, third-degree burglary and mail fraud.

The most logical step for anyone in Colorado to take when accused of a crime is to secure the services of an attorney experienced in navigating criminal law proceedings. Based on the available evidence, a lawyer can devise a strong defense focused on avoiding a conviction. With the skilled advocacy of a seasoned attorney, the individual may find the impact on future career opportunities, loan applications and/or housing applications can be minimized. 

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