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Alleged carjacker now faces the wrath of Colorado criminal law

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Criminal Law

In Colorado, any person’s criminal record can jeopardize his or her ability to secure a job and rent an apartment. It can even affect child custody and visitation rights. In fact, any charges under criminal law can adversely influence an individual’s future. Such might be the prospects of a man that was arrested on a recent Tuesday afternoon.

According to a report by Denver police, they received a report of a carjacking and rushed to the scene. During their search, they came upon a wrecked car that proved to be a stolen vehicle. Officers noticed a man fleeing the accident scene on foot and followed him. When they spotted the suspect on the roof of a building, they commandeered the K-9 unit and a SWAT team.

With the area cordoned off, the collaboration of the different law enforcement groups brought about the capture of the suspected carjacker. A firearm in the man’s possession was allegedly seized upon his arrest. The man was transported to a hospital for treatment of dog bites caused by the K-9 officers.

Knowing that prison or jail time might be a possibility, any Colorado resident in similar circumstances may need experienced legal representation to protect his or her rights. With his or her freedom at stake, having a skilled criminal law attorney as an advocate might limit the impact the charges might have on the accused individual’s criminal record and future. A seasoned Colorado attorney can develop a defense strategy and go to trial if necessary while advocating for the client every step of the way.

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