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Colorado violent crimes: County prosecutors seek death penalty

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2017 | Violent Crimes

People make mistakes in life. While some mistakes are relatively minor, while others could be more serious and result in a criminal conviction. However, a conviction of criminal charges does not mean that a person in Colorado or other areas of the country is destined the commit crimes in the future. Unfortunately, one man, previously convicted of stalking, now faces the death penalty after he was charged with violent crimes.

The defendant in the case is a 44-year-old man. Prosecutors claim that the defendant shot a man in a storage unit. They assert that he then stole the victim’s truck and drove to his former girlfriend’s house where he shot her in the head.

Reports indicate that the defendant was previously convicted of stalking the female victim; however, a motive for the shooting of the man as well as what evidence links the defendant to the deaths is unclear. County prosecutors are reportedly seeking the death penalty in the case. A similar action has not been pursued in the county since 2007; the defendant in that case accepted a plea deal that resulted in a life sentence.

Because of the charges accusing the man of being involved in violent crimes, he could face the loss of his own life. With such serious consequences possible, he likely wants to ensure that he was someone with experience with criminal law helping him throughout the process. Such a person can fight on the Colorado man’s behalf, ensuring that he is treated lawfully throughout proceedings and taking appropriate action if unlawful acts occur.

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