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Auto-pedestrian accidents: 4 children injured in crosswalk

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2017 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

While Colorado drivers must remain vigilant at all times, special attention is necessary while driving in certain areas during certain times of day. For example, a driver should be extra cautious when driving through a school zone during school start and dismissal times to help prevent auto-pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, a recent crash demonstrates the potential for harm that young pedestrians face as they walk to school.

According to reports, four family members — three siblings and a cousin — were walking to school one morning on a day in January. Witnesses claim that a school crossing guard stopped traffic so the students could cross in a crosswalk. Unfortunately, a driver reportedly attempted a right turn through the intersection.

Police say that the car struck the four children, pinning them. One witness claims that five men were able to lift the car off the children. While the exact extent of the children’s injuries are unclear, all four victims were transported to the hospital for treatment. All are expected to survive. An arrest has not been made at this time, but the accident remains under investigation.

Even relatively minor injuries can result in significant financial ramifications. A hospital stay in combination with lost wages as parents stay home to provide care for the injured children can quickly result in an overwhelming financial situation. Many victims of auto-pedestrian accidents in Colorado choose to seek financial relief in a civil court. If claims of negligence are successfully proved, the court could award victims with a financial award that will leave them better able to cope with the bills that can pile up in the aftermath of a crash.

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