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Woman suspected for violent crimes in Colorado Springs

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2016 | Violent Crimes

A person accused of murder or other violent act in Colorado or any other state stands to lose much if unable to avoid conviction. Those charged with violent crimes may increase their chances of obtaining positive outcomes in court by retaining the help of skilled and aggressive representation. One woman may be considering such support at this time since she was recently arrested regarding a troublesome incident that involved an attempted murder.

Authorities have accused the 38-year-old woman of acting as an accessory to the alleged crime. Another woman and a man were reportedly having an altercation on a recent Sunday night. The 37-year-old man allegedly doused the woman with an accelerant and lit her on fire.

At the time, the woman was in a car along with a 14-year-old girl who is said to have been injured trying to put out the fire. The vehicle itself also ignited, although both the woman and girl miraculously survived. The woman has been listed in critical condition.

The man charged with the crime reportedly used a cell phone to call someone he claimed was an extended family member after the incident. Investigators traced that call to the home of the woman who has since been arrested as an accessory to the violent crimes. As in all states, anyone arrested or charged with crime in Colorado is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court. Allowing a criminal defense attorney to assist in building a strong defense is typically a wise choice in such circumstances.

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