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These situations often lead to motorcycle accidents in Colorado

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts in Colorado and throughout the United States often enjoy leisurely excursions on some of the nation’s most beautiful highways. For many, riding motorcycles is more than just a hobby; in fact, lots of travelers use their motorcycles as their main means of transportation. There are several factors known to cause motorcycle accidents, many of which have to do with distracted driving.

Crashes involving motorcycles are often caused by drivers who fail to adhere to traffic and safety regulations. Motorists using cell phones or texting while driving pose tremendous danger to motorcycle drivers and occupants. A person behind the wheel of a car or massive tractor-trailer who is looking at an electronic device rather than the road may fail to see a motorcyclist nearby, until it is too late.

Speeding drivers, those driving drunk and all others acting in reckless manners cause huge numbers of collisions throughout the United States each year. When a negligent driver hits a motorcyclist, the results are often devastating. It is not uncommon for the impacts of such crashes to result in fatalities.

Victims who do survive their injuries in motorcycle accidents are often left permanently disabled. It is only right that those injured through other motorists’ negligence are able to pursue monetary judgment against those deemed responsible. A logical first step to take to seek compensation for damages is to request a consultation with a personal injury attorney. Flesch & Beck Law is committed to helping all those who have been injured in motorcycle accidents in Colorado obtain full recovery for their losses.