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Police charge young woman with violent crimes charges

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Violent Crimes

A young woman was recently arrested for allegedly participating in another woman’s death. Facing multiple charges for violent crimes, she is actually only one of six individuals who Colorado police suspect took part in the act. The woman is currently in police custody without any opportunity to post bond.

Police claim that the 34-year-old victim was first noticed missing when she missed a doctor’s appointment. Authorities did not discover the body for some time, as it was actually located about 100 miles away from her place of residence. They were ultimately able to track down at least one suspect, who indicated that she had worked with others in order to carry out the act.

Six people from an area biker gang — including the 19-year-old woman who was most recently charged — were accused of committing the act in one way or another. The 19-year-old is currently charged with first-degree murder, conspiring to commit murder and committing a violent crime that caused death. The reasons behind the death are not entirely clear, although police believe that the young woman might have been in some type of argument with the victim concerning a third-party’s alleged theft of the victim’s prescription medications.

The attending judge might have determined that the young woman poses a flight risk, which is a common reason for denying bond. However, remaining in police custody does not prevent Colorado defendants from preparing for their defense. After being accused of violent crimes, it is usually beneficial for defendants to take a thorough examination of their charges and any available evidence, as doing so is usually the first step towards creating the most secure defense strategy possible.

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