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Violent crimes allegations lands sheriff behind bars

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2016 | Violent Crimes

An alleged instance of sexual assault led to the arrest and jailing of a Colorado sheriff. Violent crimes charges such as sexual assault and rape are often strongly pursued, and when paired with the potential consequences of a conviction can be especially overwhelming. Many defendants facing these types of charges must deal with high bonds, protection orders and the damaging of their personal reputation.

Reports indicate the sheriff had sexual intercourse with a local inmate. He is currently charged with several allegations, including multiple felonies. His first felony is a first-degree charge of sexual assault against an at risk adult, although it is not exactly clear why the inmate is considered to be an at-risk individual. Another felony charge addresses official penetration of a sexual nature with a person who is in custody.

As stated, the sheriff faces a felony count of sexual assault of an at-risk adult. This class-2 felony can carry up to 24 years behind bars by itself. It is also possible for a violent crime enhancement to be included, which could potentially net a total of 48 years if convicted. There is also the possibility of a lifetime parole.

Although the sheriff was originally kept in a local jail, he was transported to a different facility that does not have as many inmates that might have been arrested due to his force’s efforts. However, his concerns for his well-being and future are likely far from over. When faced with allegations of violent crimes, Colorado defendants tend to worry about what a conviction might mean for their futures. For some, the impacts of these charges can be minimized through a carefully negotiated plea deal, while others achieve the best possible outcomes when they combat the charges through trial court proceedings.

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