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On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Hit And Run Accidents

Car accident victims who suffer serious injuries often turn to personal injury claims in order to recover compensation from negligent drivers. Unfortunately, hit and run accidents often leave victims feeling uncertain of their options, while many believe they are simply out of luck. Our Colorado clients are often surprised to learn that there are still actions they can take.

When a negligent driver violates state law and fails to stop at a wreck and render aid, injury victims can sometimes turn towards their own insurance coverage. Most drivers have uninsured motorists — UM — or underinsured — UIM — coverage in their own policies. This creates a small safety net for motorists who are struck by drivers without adequate insurance coverage or who are victims of hit-and-run wrecks. Depending on the situation, compensation can vary.

However, victims often make the mistake of assuming their own insurance policy is looking out for their well-being. Insurance companies usually have only one thing on their mind — the bottom line. Unfortunately, victims tend to get shortchanged for their injuries and are often offered minuscule settlements for their otherwise serious injuries. Some companies even attempt to stall victims again and again in an attempt to force them to accept lowball offers.

Victims who have been injured in hit and run accidents have already suffered enough, and it can be distressing when their own insurance company refuses to help. We understand the importance of just compensation for injury victims. Because of that, we stand by our Colorado clients through every step of the process and help uphold and assert their rights in the face of pressure from the insurance company.