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4 men accused of violating criminal law with counterfeit items

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2016 | Criminal Law

Four men are in police custody after allegedly taking part in a business that sold fake merchandise. Accused of violating criminal law for money laundering, racketeering and conspiring to sell counterfeit NFL items, hundreds of thousands of dollars are believed to be involved. One of defendants is a former police lieutenant.

Trademark counterfeiting is considered to be a violation of Colorado’s Organized Crime Control Act, investigators seized just under $70,000 worth of merchandise in Jan. 2015. However, police claim that nearly $870,000 in counterfeit merchandise was brought in from overseas between the years 2006 and 2014. The business apparently operated from Nov. 2006 until the raid and seizure in Jan. 2015.

Most of the allegedly counterfeit merchandise was related to the popular NFL team the Broncos. However, other merchandise apparently included other nationwide teams, both professional and college. The men’s business was run at an area flea market, and at least 20 possible shell organizations were supposedly utilized in order to conceal possibly illegal activities.

Criminal law does not treat counterfeit merchandise lightly, and counterfeit merchandise is often perceived as being inferior or even dangerous to consumers. The consequences of a conviction for these types of charges can be devastating for a Colorado defendant, as they often include jail time, fines and a criminal record that can carry a hefty social stigma. In order to minimize these types of impacts, most defendants opt to thoroughly review their charges alongside their respective counsels in as timely a manner as possible. This approach usually provides invaluable insight into how best to approach a defense strategy.

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