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3-week period accounts for high number of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists from Colorado and across the rest of the United States recently made a trek to the world-popular Sturgis Rally. While the rally is a high point of the year for many motorcycle fans, it is also a deadly one. Motorcycle accidents in the region and surrounding areas tend to shoot up as the festival gets rolling.

A total of 16 percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents in Colorado and the other states surrounding the area occur during the three weeks of the rally. On the surface, some motorists might be quick to blame the motorcycle riders, but a local police chief cautions that this belief is misleading. According to the chief, it takes everyone on the road — including drivers of larger motor vehicles — to ensure the continued safety of some of the most exposed individuals on the highway.

Some law enforcement officers believe that simply enforcing current traffic laws is not enough to truly protect motorcyclists. Instead, it is widely accepted that motorists need to be better educated regarding common motorcycle driving habits in order to avoid causing unnecessary wrecks. Officers also point out that hitting a motorcycle with a large motor vehicle will almost always result in a serious injury or even fatality.

Even when motorcycle riders exercise the level of caution necessary for being on the road, reckless drivers can cause accidents in the blink of an eye. Motorcycle accidents tend to cause serious harm to riders, even those who are outfitted with proper safety gear. Personal injury claims are often the most effective course of action for Colorado victims to achieve just compensation for their accident-related injuries.

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