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Traffic violations fall under the realm of criminal law

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Criminal Law

Traffic offense are often seen as minor issues in Colorado, leading many people to fail to take them as seriously as they should. This is perhaps at least partly due to traffic tickets being labeled as infractions or offenses, when, in reality, these types of offenses are indeed violations of criminal law. Even when our clients face misdemeanor charges, we understand the importance of taking these offenses seriously.

Other than speeding citations, some of the most common traffic offenses include driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and driving without any insurance. When faced with such offenses, many drivers believe that the best option is to simply show up in court and pay their fines. Reality is a little more complex than this, however.

Depending on the offense and the circumstances surrounding the event, the potential consequences could be substantial. When facing traffic offenses, it is often necessary to weigh the possible costs and benefits of paying the fine and taking hits to a driving record against fighting the allegations. For instance, it is often cost-prohibitive for defendants to fight a minor speeding infraction, but the consequences for a Class 1 traffic violation make defending against it much more reasonable, as these offenses can land an individual behind bars for a full year.

It is not always clear whether a traffic violation should be fought, and we understand how confusing this period of time can be for Colorado drivers. At our firm, we carefully guide each client through the process of understanding his or her traffic violation, while explaining the various courses of action that can help him or her achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Our services are far from limited to traffic violations, and more information regarding our criminal law services can be found on our website.