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Don’t face a violent crimes charge alone — we’re here to help

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2016 | Violent Crimes

Defendants facing charges for serious crimes usually have a similar concern — what does my future hold? Being accused of violent crimes can be an emotionally difficult period of time in which defendants must grapple with the possibility of prison time if they are convicted. We make sure that our Colorado clients understand the full extent of their charges and then work with them, side-by-side, in order to create the best possible strategy to minimize the impact on their futures.

Unlike other crimes, individuals accused of committing a violent crime are rarely given the benefit of the doubt by the public and the media. This can be an understandably disconcerting experience in which it feels as if the entire system is against you. We strongly protect each and every defendant’s right to the presumption of innocence during criminal court proceedings.

Some defendants expect that they will be forced to immediately plead guilty if accused of an assault or weapons offense. As trial lawyers, we assure each and every defendant we help that there are multiple options at their disposal. Fiercely asserting our clients’ defenses is one of our top priorities, but we understand that each defendant requires a unique approach. Because of this, we are also prepared to negotiate a plea deal, but never from a position of weakness.

A violent crimes charge can be a complicated matter. Whether accused of assault, weapons possession or any other violent crime, we are fully prepared to assert our client’s positions in order to achieve the best outcomes possible. Need more information on specific charges and their implications in Colorado? Our website provides helpful information and a way to contact our office for assistance with your particular circumstance.