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Criminal law: Colorado school counselor accused of sexual assault

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Criminal Law

Being accused of a sex crime can change one’s life in many negative ways. Even if a person is not convicted, the court of public opinion may make it difficult or even impossible for that person to continue a normal way of life. In Colorado and across the country, people who are accused of sexual assault often seek the assistance of a criminal law attorney as quickly as possible.

Recently a Denver man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a student while he was counseling her at a local high school. The young woman went to the counselor’s office with anxiety complaints, and she claims their meetings soon became physically intimate. The District Attorney’s Office says the relationship continued after the woman graduated from high school and went to college, a total of four years.

A year after the alleged affair ended, the woman reported the counselor for sexual assault. Six months later, the man relinquished his counseling license and took a job as a teacher’s aide. He has since resigned that position. Despite the fact that the woman was 18 when the alleged assault began, authorities reject the claim that it was a consensual affair because the man supposedly broke his position of trust as the woman’s counselor.

If he is convicted of sexual assault, this Colorado man now faces the possibility of a lifetime of penalties. These penalties may include prison time, parole and sex offender registration. If convicted, he is also likely to be deemed ineligible for many jobs and face brutal judgment from the general public.

Sexual assault is never taken lightly. It is likely that the man accused of these acts has contacted a criminal law attorney who is experienced with the confusing laws of consent. His attorney will carefully examine the evidence and work to build a strong defense. It will be important for the accused man to have a lawyer by his side to make sure his rights are fully protected.

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