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Charges likely to be filed in auto-pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2016 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Colorado police say that a vehicle recently collided with a group of pedestrians before fleeing the scene of the wreck. Two people suffered serious injuries while a third suffered only minor injuries. Authorities eventually located the car believed to have been involved in the wreck, and charges related to auto-pedestrian accidents are currently pending.

The pedestrian group was apparently walking eastbound along the side of a road just prior to the accident. Around 9:30 in the evening, an oncoming westbound vehicle crashed into the group, striking three different individuals before fleeing the scene. The two pedestrians who had to be transported to the hospital did not suffer any life-threatening injuries, although their conditions were still considered serious.

Authorities located the vehicle suspected of causing the wreck a short while later and conducted an interview with the 24-year-old driver. She also had a male passenger in the vehicle at the time. Although they have yet to disclose their reasons, police suspect that alcohol might have played some type of role in the accident. While no charges have actually been filed yet, it is likely that they will be soon.

Despite the possibility that alcohol might have factored into the wreck, investigators have still yet to determine the exact cause of the accident. Auto-pedestrian accidents commonly result in criminal charges, and the evidence used to file those charges can often be used to pursue compensation through personal injury claims. When successfully followed through to completion, injury victims in Colorado can usually achieve compensation that address their medical bills and both physical and emotional well-being.

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