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Dangerous Interstate Highways In Colorado

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2016 | Injuries

The unique combination of geography, climate and traffic found in Colorado can make the state a relatively dangerous place to drive.

Colorado’s weather, in particular, makes for challenging driving conditions. Driving through the mountains can be treacherous any time of the year, as sudden snowstorms and other weather events can hit with little warning.

Interstate highways create additional dangers due to the high speeds that cars, motorcycles, semi-trucks and other vehicles travel while on these roads.

Which Interstate Sections Are The Most Dangerous?

The Colorado State Patrol (as reported by The Gazette) has identified the most dangerous highways – or sections of interstate highway – in the state. These sections were mentioned specifically:

  • I-25 in Adams County, north of I-70 to 84th Avenue
  • I-25 in El Paso County, between Woodmen Road and the El Paso/Douglas county line
  • I-25 in Weld County, from Highway 14 in Fort Collins to County Road 6
  • I-70 in Mesa County, from Grand Junction to the Garfield/Mesa county line
  • I-70 in Eagle County, from Eagle to the Minturn area
  • I-70 in Clear Creek and Summit counties, from the Eisenhower Tunnel to Silver Plume

Understanding The Causes Of Interstate Accidents

We already know that driving on Colorado’s Interstates can be challenging. When you combine dangerous driving conditions with driver error or negligence, the risk for accidents is high. According to the Colorado State Patrol Department of Public Safety, some of the most common causes of Interstate crashes in Colorado are:

  • Inattentive or distracted driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Drunk driving

The negligence or errors of other drivers contribute to a large percentage of traffic accidents.

Drivers should be extra cautious when driving through Colorado. An accident can happen anywhere, at any time. But paying attention on the road, eliminating distractions, and being mindful of weather conditions and particularly dangerous sections can help drivers in Colorado stay safe.

The Help You Need If You’ve Been Hurt On the Interstate

If you have been injured in a car crash on the Interstate in the Denver area or throughout Colorado – whether you are from here or passing through on vacation – you should speak to an attorney about your legal options. Contact Flesch & Beck Law at 720-689-0322 for a free consultation.