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Federal grand jury indicts 4 on drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Drug Charges

Colorado drug enforcement agents recently wrapped up an investigation that ended with four arrests. The four individuals are facing drug charges related to the possible prescription drug-related deaths of at least two people. According to law enforcement, the group was possibly responsible for illegally dispensing controlled substances to patients.

Of those who were arrested, two are pharmacists, another is a doctor and the third worked as an office manager. It is believed that they cooperated together in order to prescribe and dispense sedatives and pain killers to patients who did not necessarily need them or who did not need such large quantities. The quantities cited in the investigation were apparently high enough that patients could potentially develop addictions to the controlled substances.

The doctor owned and operated a Colorado pain clinic between April 2010 and Nov. 2012, at which the office administrator worked. The pharmacists co-own two different pharmacies which allegedly dispensed many of the prescription narcotics. Although the doctor and office manager have since moved out of state, a federal grand jury in Colorado indicted all four of them.

Drug charges of any nature are quite serious and should be treated as such, but federal charges tend to carry much more severe punishments if a conviction is achieved. Most defendants hope to minimize the impact of these charges on their lives by achieving the best possible outcome for their unique situations. As no two criminal cases are alike, it is generally a good idea to first conduct a thorough review of all charges before making any decisions regarding defense strategies.

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