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Theft, drug charges follow arrest in restaurant parking lot

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2016 | Drug Charges

Colorado police have three individuals in custody following an arrest at a local fast food restaurant. Two of the individuals are facing drug charges in addition to other allegations, including various theft allegations. Although the defendants were at first noticed in a suspected stolen vehicle, only one person has been charged with its theft.

The incident leading up to the arrests apparently began when the attending officers noticed what they believed to be a stolen vehicle parked at a local hotel. The officers followed the vehicle to an area fast food restaurant and waited while the vehicle’s occupants exited the car and went inside. They were arrested upon coming out of the restaurant, although one of the individuals apparently attempted to flee the scene.

The 24-year-old driver of the vehicle was accused of possessing a concealed weapon unlawfully, drug charges and aggravated motor vehicle theft. A search apparently resulted in a small amount of meth and a firearm in her handbag. The passenger who attempted to flee was searched as well, and police allegedly located a stolen gun on his person. The last individual also faces drug charges for allegedly possessing meth as well as for identity theft, although authorities did not elaborate on the latter.

A subsequent search of the vehicle supposedly turned up additional controlled substances and illegal drugs. It is not yet clear how the discovery of additional substances might impact these defendants’ charges. Still, ongoing investigations and pending charges should not discourage Colorado defendants from beginning defense preparations in as timely as possible. Having a strong defense foundation early on can be beneficial even as drug charges change as the proceedings move forward in court.

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