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Motorcycle accidents have you out of work? We can help

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

As weather warms with the changing seasons, the number of motorcycle riders on Colorado roads tends to increase. The appeal of motorcycles for many riders is the sense of adventure and freedom that these vehicles can bring. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents also tend to rise as winter turns into spring, understandably putting many motorcyclists at risk.

No matter how careful or cautious a motorcyclist is, he or she is still at the mercy of drivers behind the wheel of larger motor vehicles. Reckless drivers who cause motorcycle accidents often have the luxury of walking away mostly unscathed, but the same is not too for motorcycle riders. Injuries in these types of accidents are often much more catastrophic. Even with helmets and other safety gear, head trauma and spinal injuries are common.

Recovering from a motorcycle accident involves much more than simply taking a pain killer and resting at home for a week. Surgery, rehabilitation and ongoing necessary medical care can keep victims on the path to recovery for months or even years at a time, during which employment is not always possible. Some victims work even when their doctors explicitly advise against it in order to meet their daily living expenses.

Motorcycle riders often receive the worst injuries and outcomes in motorcycle accidents, and yet are so often blamed for things outside of their control. We understand the sense of despair that can accompany being blamed for a wreck that was caused by a driver who turned left in front of a motorcycle or otherwise failed to yield his or her right away. At our firm, we diligently investigate the wreck in order to demonstrate how our Colorado clients were wrongly harmed.