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Tips on crash avoidance: a primer for motorcycle enthusiasts

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

Most Americans — excepting a few bullies, outright cheats and flatly selfish persons — are quick adherents to the concept of fair play and a fundamentally level playing field in most spheres of life.

The concept and rationale for subscribing to the doctrine of equal advantage in many instances is clear enough: When everyone is basically on the same page and afforded the same treatment and opportunities, the group — however that is comprised in a given case — maximally benefits.

Pity motorcycle riders.

That group knows that, whatever notions are bandied about regarding fair play on Colorado and American roadways, a level playing field is not something they experience on a routine basis — if ever.

In truth, and for the myriad reasons discussed in an online overview of motorcycle-related hazards and safety tips, streets and highways shared by passenger vehicle drivers and motorcyclists are a veritable landmine for the latter, that is, an accident literally waiting to happen.

Personal injury attorneys that represent motorcycle accident victims with empathy and proven advocacy know that they constitute a most vulnerable population, given their singular vulnerability when out on the road. As the above-cited article notes, bikers are at immediate and outsized risk — always — when behind the wheel. Bikes are smaller, less stable and, obviously, far less protected from adverse crash results than are passenger vehicles. Comparatively speaking, they are hard vehicles for many drivers to routinely keep track of and, indeed, many of those motorists aren’t sufficiently attuned to even noticing motorcyclists.

That can spell — and far too often does — a recipe for disaster for riders, given their instant and unabated exposure to third-party inattentiveness and negligent driving behaviors.

The above primer discusses some tactical tips for motorcyclists, which are unquestionably thoughtful and useful.

Sometimes, though, and notwithstanding a biker’s best efforts, crashes owing to the substandard driving of other motorists do occur.

When they do, an injured biker might reasonably want to speak in timely and candid fashion with an experienced bike-accident attorney regarding a strategy for recovering damages related to personal injury costs, ongoing medical care, lost wages, property damages and other expenses that often result from negligent roadway conduct.