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Proven criminal defense counsel: advocacy when it is needed most

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Criminal Law

“We believe in the presumption of innocence.”

That statement from our website page discussing criminal charges and legal representation sets forth our bedrock view regarding the American criminal justice system and the role played by an attorney in protecting an individual accused of criminal activity.

Criminal law is serious business, with consequences that can be most dire for any person being challenged by the formidable and relentlessly applied powers of penal authorities.

Given that, it is a flat imperative that every criminal suspect — that is, every person in Colorado or elsewhere who has been detained by police, is being questioned regarding a crime or has been criminally charged with an offense — have ready access to an experienced criminal defense attorney who will act with passion, dispatch and proven acumen in contesting allegations of wrongdoing.

Although informed legal advocacy encompasses many things, it most centrally involves a thorough probing for truth and an insistence that police officers and prosecutors do far more than simply point fingers at suspects and adjudge them guilty.

At the offices of Flesch & Beck Law in the Metro Denver area, our attorneys collectively apply decades of defense experience — including courtroom advocacy — that is predicated on one simple and most fundamental notion concerning criminal law, namely this: Police and government attorneys must prove every material element of what they allege to be criminal conduct.

And, in seeking to do so, they will be challenged regarding the veracity of their statements and conduct. Their interaction with a client we represent will be thoroughly examined. The evidence they cite will be scrutinized down to the finest detail.

In short, we will do everything we possibly can to safeguard a client’s interests, fully promote his or her legal rights and secure an outcome that minimizes adverse consequences to the greatest degree possible.

The above-cited presumption of innocence — and its corollary of a fundamentally fair playing field — renders it incumbent upon us to do so.

We invite readers’ close examination of our firm and lawyers, and always welcome the opportunity to speak with Colorado residents having questions or concerns regarding any aspect of criminal law or its application.