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Work with us to build strong case for compensation after fatal motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can have a variety of consequences ranging from a little whiplash to death. When fatal car accidents occur, it is a stark reminder of the risks motorist take when they get behind the wheel and the importance of exercising reasonable care in the operation of a motor vehicle.

Last weekend, three people died in three separate motor vehicle crashes in the Denver metro area. Two of the accidents involved drunken drivers, and two of the victims were motorcyclists while one was a pedestrian. The drunken drivers are likely going to be facing charges, as they should, but that does not address the losses experienced by the victims of the accidents, including the victims’ families. 

It is only right, of course, that victims of motor vehicle accidents receive the compensation due to them regardless of the circumstances of the case, and compensation is no less important in cases of fatality. For the families of deceased accident victims, there is not only the emotional difficulty of losing a loved one, but also the loss of financial support, which can be quite significant with the death of a breadwinner. In some cases, significant medical bills may have accumulated after the accident, before the victim died. All of this can be burdensome to a grieving family.

A variety of factors come into play when determining the type and amount of damages an accident victim is entitled to, and building a strong damages case is critical to achieving a good outcome in one’s case. Working with an advocate experienced in the area of wrongful death and survival actions helps ensure that one has guidance navigating the legal system and strong advocacy of one’s case.

Our firm is committed to providing the best possible representation to accident victims and their survivors, and our clients can be sure we’ll go to bat for them.