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Will I be covered by insurance if I am injured in a ridesharing accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Hit And Run Accidents

Car insurance is critical for anybody who gets behind the wheel, not only to comply with the requirements of state law, but especially to ensure one is covered for injuries and damages in the event of a motor vehicle accident. With the increase in the use of ridesharing services through companies like Lyft and Uber, it is important for both drivers and riders to make sure they understand the dynamics of insurance coverage that apply when a crash occurs.  

Those who drive for a ridesharing company are covered by the company’s own insurance policy, though this coverage only applies while the driver has passengers in his or her vehicle, not while a driver is waiting to pick up a passenger. This means that many drivers participating in ridesharing may have a coverage gap. What is that?

One of the important things for drivers to understand about ridesharing is that insurance companies typically will not cover accidents that occur in connection with ridesharing, though more and more insurance companies are now offering special policies geared toward drivers who offer ridesharing services. These policies focus, in particular, on coverage cap that exists with ordinary policies. For drivers who do not have access to this insurance, the next best option may be to purchase commercial insurance, though that can be expensive.

Drivers who are involved in an accident while offering ridesharing services should be aware of their rights under their own insurance policy, and the coverage offered by the company itself. The first step in protecting oneself is to understand the terms of the policies under which they’re covered, and to purchase additional insurance, if necessary. If issues arise with respect to insurance coverage, it may be necessary to work with an experienced attorney to obtain the coverage to which one is entitled. Working with an attorney is also critical in cases where personal injury litigation becomes necessary.