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Highway 36 reopens near Estes Park – Flesch & Beck Law

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2013 | Dangerous Property

A stretch of Highway 36 is set to reopen this week after sustaining heavy damage from the historic floods in Colorado.

The floods damaged many of the areas in the front range including over 50 percent of Highway 36 from Estes Park to Lyons according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

While this is good news for some, it’s still not enough for many. The damage done to the roads has caused Estes Park residents to add an hour to their commute to work going around Highway 36 and following the Peak to Peak highway.

National Guardsmen and women paved a lane in each direction to allow residents to use the stretch until further repairs can be made.

If you are traveling in that direction any time soon, please give yourself extra time. Because there is only one lane each way, there could be some time delays and traffic. By giving yourself enough time, you increase your chances of avoiding a serious car accident.

The roads can be uneasy as well so take each turn slowly and look out for other vehicles. The stretch of road will be new to you, so make sure you are aware of new turns that weren’t there before. Our auto accident attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law work on these types of cases every day and know the consequences of rushed driving. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, give us a call and we can help your case. Call 303-578-0926 today.