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Denver Personal Injury Attorney Wants to Help with Colorado Flood

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Injuries

Denver Personal Injury Attorney Kevin Flesch wants to help victims of last week’s devastating “100 Year Flood.” There are thousands of people still evacuated and many are left wondering what to do and where to go.

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen is people not having access to medication or social security checks. Mail distribution has been affected as well which means people relying on the post office to regularly deliver their checks and medicine are not receiving them. This can have serious consequences when a Denver or Boulder resident is suffering an illness or needs the money to cover basic expenses.

Other Colorado residents are under “Water Boil” advisories, which means that the tap water is not safe to drink but needs to be boiled in order to be sanitized. Be sure to check with local officials or go to 9News.com to see if your area is affected by these advisories.

Many more people in Colorado may not been evacuated or suffered a loss but are looking for ways to donate time and money. There are dozens of ways that you can donate.

9News.com has posted a list of reputable organizations who help with disaster relief in these kinds of situations. There are many to choose from and if you’d like to donate, these organizations have made it easy from online payments to text2give campaigns. Visit the link below to get involved.


Denver Personal Injury Law Firm Flesch & Beck Law wants to help with recovery efforts and financial donations. In an effort to encourage the public to donate any amount to the cause, attorney Kevin Flesch is willing to match your generous gift up to a total of 100 dollars.

After donating whatever amount you choose to your favorite organization, send us a quick email below letting us know how much you generously gave and we will match that contribution to the same organization. Everyone at Flesch & Beck Law thanks you for your generosity. Remember if you need any legal assistance for car accidents or injuries the Denver Personal Injury Attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law would be happy to assist.