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Best Dogs for Kids Top 10 – Denver Dog Bite Lawyer

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2013 | Injuries

While all of our clients are at different stages of life, some of them have children and are looking to add a friendly pet to the family. It’s important to know what types of dogs are great with children and adults alike so you can have as much fun as possible without worrying about dog bites or lawsuits.

Earlier this year PetMD released their list of Top 10 Best Dogs for Kids in which they rate dogs based on their interactions with children. While some on the list would be fairly predictable, others come as an unexpected surprise and could be cause for consideration in choosing a dog. Without further ado here is PetMD’s list of the Top 10 Best Dogs for Kids:

1) Golden Retriever

2) Labrador Retriever

3) Poodle

4) Irish Setter

5) Vizsla

6) Newfoundland

7) Collie

8) Bull Terrier

9) Beagle

10) Bull Dog

For more detailed information on each breed of dog, visit PetMD’s website.

While we at Flesch & Beck Law cover Denver and Colorado dog bite issues in our practice, we do not claim to be experts on best dog breeds for children. We do know what dogs you should stay away from but since Cesar Millan is the premier expert on dog training and care, we thought we’d defer to his advice on this topic and have him share his expertise with you when it comes to your children’s safety and the family pet.


No matter how loving a dog is, there is always a chance he/she may act out. If a dog has bitten you and you sought medical attention as a result, please give us a call. Flesch & Beck Law has covered many dog bite cases in Denver over the years and has the experience to resolve your case in an expedient manner.

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