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How does comparative negligence work in motorcycle accidents?

Bikers nationwide, including in Colorado, are sometimes portrayed as reckless even though many crashes result from other drivers not keeping a proper lookout for motorcycles. Sometimes, victims of motorcycle accidents must cope with traumatic injuries for which they were partly responsible. If that has happened to you, it does not necessarily jeopardize your right to recover damages from the party deemed primarily responsible for the crash.

Motorcycle accidents: 3 common injuries that can be costly

Bikers nationwide, including in Colorado, are exceptionally vulnerable when they are out riding, and injuries can have devastating consequences. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in severe injuries or death. Because motorcycles have only two wheels, they fall over in a crash -- often crushing a biker's leg. The Centre for Neuro Skills says bone fractures are the most common motorcycle injuries -- including leg, pelvis and shoulder bones, along with wrists and arms as they instinctively try to break the biker's fall.

Why are injury claims after motorcycle accidents so challenging?

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable. For this reason, motorcycle accidents typically result in catastrophic injuries or deaths. Pursuing personal injury or wrongful death claims after bike crashes are best handled alongside experienced legal counsel.

These situations often lead to motorcycle accidents in Colorado

Motorcycle enthusiasts in Colorado and throughout the United States often enjoy leisurely excursions on some of the nation's most beautiful highways. For many, riding motorcycles is more than just a hobby; in fact, lots of travelers use their motorcycles as their main means of transportation. There are several factors known to cause motorcycle accidents, many of which have to do with distracted driving.

Colorado police struggle to decrease motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are at risk on Colorado roads, and local police hope to reduce the number of accidents involving motorcycles by raising awareness among other motorists. Recent fatal motorcycle accidents helped fuel authorities to take action. One of the biggest risks motorcyclists face -- drivers of larger motor vehicles -- is not something that they can control.

3-week period accounts for high number of motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists from Colorado and across the rest of the United States recently made a trek to the world-popular Sturgis Rally. While the rally is a high point of the year for many motorcycle fans, it is also a deadly one. Motorcycle accidents in the region and surrounding areas tend to shoot up as the festival gets rolling.

Fatalities in motorcycle accidents peak on Colorado roads

Motorcyclists have long been at a disadvantage on Colorado roadways. Even the most experienced riders who are equipped with the necessary safety equipment can be seriously injured or even killed by negligent drivers. As fatalities related to motorcycle accidents reached a recent peak, the Colorado Department of Transportation is doing its best to raise awareness to the issue.

Colorado police see rise in fatalities from motorcycle accidents

Many motorcycle riders in Colorado cite the feeling of freedom as one of the many reasons that they love riding. As winter gives way to spring and the weather grows warmer, more and more motorcyclists hit the road to enjoy that sense of wide open freedom. Sadly, as the number of riders on the road increases, so does the number of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents have you out of work? We can help

As weather warms with the changing seasons, the number of motorcycle riders on Colorado roads tends to increase. The appeal of motorcycles for many riders is the sense of adventure and freedom that these vehicles can bring. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents also tend to rise as winter turns into spring, understandably putting many motorcyclists at risk.

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