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Auto Accidents Archives

Is It Unfair To Label Millennials As The Most Dangerous Drivers?

Millennials have become the scapegoat for a lot of today's societal issues. They are the "Everybody Got a Trophy" generation - the ones who supposedly need to be praised constantly and told that they are extra special. They are considered to be lazy, not wanting to do the work that needs to be done in order to get their dream job or their dream house. Entitled, self-absorbed and impatient are just a few of the negative adjectives that are used to describe Millennials - but do these group of young people who were born between the years 1977 and 1995 really deserve this bad reputation?

When A Car Accident Leaves the Mother and Unborn Child Injured

Car accidents are frightening ordeals to begin with. Add an expecting mother to the equation and the intensity of that fear is amplified. On February 16, 2017, Colorado resident Amy Stevenson Wilson was 34-weeks pregnant when she was involved in a deadly car accident in Salt Lake City, Utah. The other vehicle involved in the head-on collision carried local high school seniors, who were tragically killed in the crash when their car crossed over the median and hit Stevenson's vehicle nearly head-on.

Does lack of infrastructure investment cause more accidents?

Roads and infrastructure - they are a revolving topic of almost every political campaign on both the state and federal level. We hear about how investment can bolster economic activity and create safer roadways for drivers. Budgets and job growth are all estimates, but the effect of construction and safety are very real for drivers in Colorado.

Traffic deaths add to woes of 2016 and the future

2016 was an impactful year for everyone in one way or another. As 2017 passes, we work to ensure the changes of last year have a positive effect on the future. One answer safety experts hope to find is the question of what caused a nationwide increase in traffic deaths in 2016.

Colorado drivers put on accident alert during snowstorms

As Coloradans, we take pride in the snow and recreation in our state, but the weather can sometimes create some negative side effects. Snowstorms bring fog, ice and snow accumulation that increases the likelihood of spinouts and fender benders on the road.

States with medical marijuana see fewer driving deaths

Since the legalization of marijuana medicinally in 2000 and recreationally in 2014, safety advocates in Colorado have expressed their concerns about a spike in driving under the influence. Not only could easy access mean more widespread cases of DUI, but law enforcement could be without a way to test for marijuana "intoxication" on the road.

Snow and ice from other cars can create unavoidable hazards

The Denver area receives more than 50 inches of snow each year. An overnight snowfall can make for a tricky commute as drivers deal with potentially treacherous roadways. One responsibility of drivers is to remove snow and ice from their vehicles before taking to the streets.

New Colorado law increases availability of alcohol

2017 brings with it a new set of legislation passed last year by state lawmakers. It is worth examining how these laws could affect the daily lives of Coloradans beyond the black and white language in the statutes. One law related to alcohol sales will increase the availability of beer with a higher alcohol by volume (ABV) content.

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